a poem by R. Jay Slais


The Greatest Fear

Urologistís office,
my age advanced
enough to be here.
The doctor,
as if a maintenance man
will reach up inside,
unscrew my prostate bulb,
inspect for damage
then plug it back in,
saying "please breathe now"
to see if it shines.
The twist,
an attractive nurse trainee,
her bikini body imagined
under the flowered smock.
It is her first day,
my ass the first probing
she is paid to observe.
I stand exposed,
gown opened,
my greatest fear
not the forthcoming diagnosis
or the pressure
soon to be felt inside
as the doctor,
glove smeared with lube,
fingers the spot.
I am scared
to become aroused
as the experienced nurse
fondles my parts to show
the young woman
the most proper way
to touch a man.

© R. Jay Slais

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