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a poem by Colin Dardis (2 of 2)

As Seen On TV

You don't look good,
despite the diet pills
and new dress.

Yes, black is suppose to be slimming,
and yes, I'm suppose to smile
and tell you all the lovely
chocolate-coated persiflage
that should drip easily out of friends' mouths
but the words that find my tongue
are not melliferous;
they are wrapped with the cold, dawning barbs of truth.

So reach for the coal sack,
the paper bag, the nurses' screen:
you are not glamorous in your presentation,
but God bless you for trying.
Yet you are prettier
than the ugly mouth I carry round
flattening your desires.

© by Colin Dardis
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #10 ~ July 2010    previous poem