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a poem by Timothy Gager

Recipe for a Great Poem (for the poet Ken Clark)

Start with food. Describe how
it simmers in some broth of
whiskey or beer then place me
in a chair ready to eat, my
fork prongs dug in,
juices coming out
from a firm jab by strong hands.

Add in a woman next to me
in a slatted wooden chair
create warm conversation.
Let her dress ride up
as she laughs
her breasts visible
when reaching down
for a glass of wine, then
bring it all to a slow boil after
adding her ass, seen through
the dress's thin fabric
caught in the sunlight

but please, a slight pinch
of sadness. Stir in some
yearning for the last
time. Some despair
and let it cook
for a long, long time.

© by Timothy Gager
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #10 ~ July 2010