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Table of

 Recipe for a Great Poem by Timothy Gager 

 2 poems by Harry Calhoun 

 take a chance transmission by Kenneth Mulvey 

 Here Lies by Scott Owens 

 Ruin plucks her eyebrows by Melanie Browne 

 2 poems by Lara Konesky 

 the weight of lacking by Gillian Prew 

 knife by Anthony Liccione 


 3 poems by Joseph M. Gant 

 Rose In The Lion's Mouth by Zach King-Smith 

 2 poems by Puma Perl 

 Blue Moon and Old Dogs by Korliss Sewer 

 Parrot by Jamie Gersh 

 Francisco Pancho Villa... by Michael Frias-May 

 2 poems by Gayle Bell 

 Confessional Poem by Paul Hostovsky 

 Poetasaurus by Paul Corman-Roberts 

 narrow bed by David McLean 

 2 poems by Joseph Farley 

 My Father's Eyes by Travis Blair 

 a question of... by Wolfgang Carstens 

 2 poems by Rob Plath 

 Symbolic by Dan Provost 

 Lapsed (Rantings of... by Scurvy Bastard 


 2 poems by Antonia Clark 

 Now You Know by Jennifer Hollie Bowles 

 2 poems by Babs Martin 

 cognitive distortion by David E. Haase 

 2 poems by Mat Gould 

 Surrendering the Muse by Sandy Benitez 

 The Day I Lost... by Rebecca Schumejda 

 Four and Twenty... by Darla McBryde 

 Men in Midnight... by Stephanie Smith 

 A Night in Question by M.R. Carter 

 Giants Will Never... by Danielle Blasko 

 2 poems by Colin Dardis 

 This is Not... by Laura McCullough 

 2 poems by Mather Schneider 

 Cow Shit & Grass by Nicolas J. Hampton 

 Tidbits by Justin Wade Thompson 


 All poems © by their respective authors.  

 Other content © 2008-2010 by Jack T. Marlowe