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Farm Animals

The main difference between
farm animals and Homo Sapiens
is that the former are content being kept,
living carefree lives of safety and comfort.
We humans not that lucky,
most of us so discontent
we spend every waking moment
distracting ourselves from our condition,
talking on cell phones
listening to radio
watching TV
as if even a moment spent in our own minds
would present us with unbearable horror,
and indeed it could.
The repugnance of an empty existence,
safe, comfortable, overfed,
would be enough to bring despair
to any contemplative soul,
and for everyone else,
if you truly think you can find happiness
as a farm animal, then
the least you can do is aim for
cock ruling the roost, or
queen bee.

© by Paul Hellweg
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #14 ~ March 2011    next poem