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a poem by Paul Hellweg

Humanity, the Exterminating Angels

"Terror is our sole defense against anguish."
--Louis Scutenaire, as quoted in Luis Bunuel's
film, The Exterminating Angel

Try as we might,
most of us cannot escape
the unbearable emptiness at
the heart of human existence.
Cell phones, sex, Facebook,
movies, television,
crosswords, Scrabble,
constant texting,
absinthe, Scotch, beer, war,
mere distractions,
temporary, illusory.
Scutenaire leading the way,
shining effervescent light on
the psyche's angst, indeed,
nothing does work like terror,
sweet, lovely, addictive.

© by Paul Hellweg
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #17 ~ September 2011