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a poem by Sarah E. Alderman

You Will Remember Me

You will remember me
Because at first you discounted me
As the misfit among the outcasts
The funny girl who is friends with men
Not girlfriend, lover, fuck buddy
Instead you chat up the perfectly pretty punks
The slender blondes and bottle blacks
That look like they just walked out of Hot Topic
You will stop mid-sentence, mid-conversation
To watch me on the edge
Of my seat, legs balancing my weight
Taking a drag of my cigarette
Lips parted, eyes closed, head back
Drawn in by the way I blow
Out the smoke from my lungs
You will remember me because when our eyes meet,
And you know that I know you are watching,
I smile at you sweetly as I flip you the bird
Then flick my lit cigarette in your general direction
When I walk off you can't help
But track the movement of my hips
As they sway side to side
The girls around you will scoff, roll their eyes
And I will respond by shouting out
That you can't buy punk with daddy's credit card
You will laugh out loud and abruptly follow me
Out of the club, into the night
There are manufactured disobedience and distaste
for rules
Theatrical angst and cool
Then there are girls that stand out from a crowd
By standing back
And now you know the difference

© by Sarah E. Alderman
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #18 ~ November 2011