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a poem by Melanie Browne

Theme Night in The Garden Of Eden

Adam and Eve were excited.
God told them to dress up for
theme night in the Garden.
they chose ancient Egypt,
and Eve let the serpent
slither up her arm.

Be careful, my love,
Adam told her,
but Eve just laughed,
and held the
vermin up to
Adam's cheek.

Cut it out,
he yelled,
and pinched Eve
on the bottom.
you're no Cleopatra,
he sneered.
but just then
God plugged
in the disco lights
and the Garden
was illuminated
with shooting colors.

Adam grabbed Eve
closer to him,
whispering naughty
things in her ear while
the serpent sipped
his harvey wallbanger,
and the sky was red
the river rushed,
and many fish were close
to the surface.

© by Melanie Browne
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #22 ~ July 2012