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Table of

two poems by Anthony Liccione

The irony of it all by Patricia N. Rogers

a student of drama by John Dorsey

Dangerous Words by Emily Strauss

Random Heat Wave by T.A. Cullen

Mistakes Without... by Mather Schneider

Increasingly... by Joseph Goosey

two poems by Wayne Mason

dead fish wallets by James H Duncan

two poems by Jon Wesick

You, In my Head by Valentina Cano

Here by James Valvis

Uptown... by Cristina Umpfenbach-Smyth

Domestic Tale by Anthony Cappo

Times are Hard by Jonathan Hine

Child Labor by Matthew Dexter

Value by Jonathan Butcher

Dog Dirt by Ian Mullins

cotton-town requiem by DB Cox

two poems by Jason L. Huskey

Restless August by Darla McBryde

Scorched Earth by Kevin Mazzola


The Atlantic Ocean... by Philip Tinkler

Graduate Studies in... by B.E. Smith

At Half-Light by Joanna M. Weston

Rangers 5, Giants 0 by Jonathan Hayes

on eating disorders by Justin Reynolds

The Decision to Drive... by Britt Luttrell

Bar Stool Wisdom by G Emil Reutter

True Love by Newamba Flamingo

literary affair by Michelle Hartman

4 A.M. by Steven Gulvezan

Last Youth by Jillian Rose Krupp

My Cock Rages On by John Rocco

Theme Night... by Melanie Browne

Different by Paul Hostovsky

 All poems © by their respective authors.  
 Other content © 2008-2012 by Jack T. Marlowe