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Life Lessons

Everyone wants life to speak
with special kindness
to open its pink mouth,
and offer up a little kiss,
little touch,
little salve
some mark
of separation and absolution.

But that isn't the way it happens.
Accidents by nature are always happening,
over and over,
the squeal
the burnt rubber,
the separation of cells
the separation of skin from soul
of this world and that.

And we carry that with us,
on constant repeat,
even ten years later.

Even then. Tragedy can be defining.
Or maybe we just want it to be,
pulling up our shirt to show our scars
even after the hot white blaze of shock
has washed out most of the true memory.

Everyone wants life to speak
with special kindness
so that when it comes down
to saving her or you,
it will be you,
at least you pray,
please god, please
let it be me.

© by Ally Malinenko
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #23 ~ Sept 2012    next poem