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Table of

You knew me before by Timothy Gager

two poems by Misti Rainwater-Lites

Where Dreams Go by Michael Frias-May

two poems by Kathy Burkett

The Red Balloon by Michael D. Smith


two poems by M.P. Powers

Memorandum by Mark J. Andrews

two poems by Karl Koweski

driving by Anthony Liccione

two poems by Alexis R. Fancher

two poems by Jason L. Huskey

In the Garret... by Steven Gulvezan

Adagio at Midnight by Brenton Booth

Socks by Michael Estabrook

Box Street Blues by James H. Duncan

two poems by James Babbs


Woman on the Edge by Darla McBryde

Biology Lab by Al Ortolani

When Buzz Took... by Michael Ashley

two poems by J.J. Campbell

Dad's Weekend... by J. Pharaoh Doss

War Veteran's Wife by Randy K. Ralston

When Your Ex... by Zach N. Lopiccolo

Blade Song by Valentina Cano

To Remind Him... by Andrew Rihn

Fire by Paul Tristram

 All poems © by their respective authors.  
   Other content © 2008-2012 by Jack T. Marlowe