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a poem by Jeffrey Park


Unparalleled focus on total customer satisfaction,
service with a smile and a firm, dry handshake,
a sincere gaze that meets you eye to eye
and holds a promise of high quality, fair pricing
and outstanding after-sales support.

What would it take to get you behind that wheel?
Why not sit back and let your money work for you
for a change? See that couple at their ease
in the cabaņa, glistening, sweaty drinks close by
their elbows, that could (should/will) be you.

Congratulations, excellent choice if I may say so.
Oh God, let me buy into these aspirations,
wrap me up in the luxurious embrace of rich leather
and 600 thread-count Egyptian cotton. I see
strong sales volumes on the near-term horizon, graphs

undulating with voluptuous gravity-defying curves.
Caveat emptor, Mother's warnings echo in my head,
fading now, fading. There's a burning in my loins
as I give myself up to the inescapable attraction
of your fully maximized return on my investment.

© by Jeffrey Park
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #25 ~ January 2013