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Gutter Eloquence Magazine #25

This Issue's Contents:

Hollywood East by Casey Sellers

two poems by Justin Hyde

05.23.34 Clyde Barrow by Mel Michaels

two poems by Puma Perl

Felled by Barbara Moore

Bad Dreams... by Dan Fitzgerald

Kindness in the Bar by Colin Dodds

Now by Jeffrey Graessley

two poems by Lucinda L. Flanary

Ovarian Caskets by H. L. Nelson

Twinkies by Dennis Mahagin

Gal on the Web by Willie Smith

Pretentious by Jason Huff

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the exest of all exes by Aryan Kaganof

untitled by Bekah Steimel

not that kind of girl by Mat Gould

two poems by Jennifer M. Dean

Love for Sale by Jeffrey Park

Sunset Silence[rs] by A.J. Huffman

Third Eye by Luis C. Berriozabal

Neighbors Don't... by Al Ortolani

two poems by Brian Le Lay

don't butter... by Carl Miller Daniels

two poems by Michael Goscinski

Claws and cat litter by J. Claudius Cloyd

  Copyright of all poems belongs
  to their respective authors.
  All other content © 2008-2013
  by Jack T. Marlowe 

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