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a poem by Alfonso Colasuonno

A conversation between X-lovers

X-girlfriend, I'm writing to you because you know how to crush dreams. My
poetry was rejected. And I've been rejected before. Still, I thought this was
the one. The one that would catapult me into stardom. The one that would
have the literary press knocking on my door. The one that would allow me
to do what I always wanted -- to get high and fuck. Look, I know four of my
pieces were shit -- but how could they reject that one? You know the one.
The really gritty one about suicide and smoking and STD’s. X-girlfriend, did
any of your pieces ever get rejected? X-girlfriend, have you only met with
success? X-girlfriend, I heard in some movie that it takes four years to get
famous, six to get rich. X-girlfriend, people say my work is pure New York
City, they say it's funny, they call it art brut, they compare it to Bukowski,
they tell me I should get an MFA. X-girlfriend, did you ever tell me those
things? X-girlfriend, you know I wanted a savior. Breaking up with me does
not absolve you of that responsibility. X-girlfriend, am I nothing more than a
fuck-up with literary pretentions? X-girlfriend, can you lie one more time?

© by Alfonso Colasuonno

Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #26 ~ April 2013