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a poem by Kevin Ridgeway

Ten Years Ago Today

We had a teenage wedding
drank fizzing soda pop
and listened to
saccharine bubblegum records
I scratched a match
to light my first cigarette
and burned a trail
of agonizing flames
across the country
from my hometown
to yours
I burned your Daddy
I burned your Mommy
and then I
pillaged your childhood dreams
for artifacts
to take with me
we had a teenage divorce
I drank aged flat malt liquor
by myself
in my flophouse room
listening to
Muddy Waters and Hank Williams
screaming my brokenhearted anthems
grew that first ugly old man beard
and burned my own
childhood dreams down
but I woke up
found another woman
her blood made of vintage wine
and I stopped playing with

© by Kevin Ridgeway
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #26 ~ April 2013