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Gutter Eloquence Magazine #26

This Issue's Contents:

 It is Impossible... by Mather Schneider 

 Headspace by Melanie Browne 

 Disappear by A.D. Hitchin 

 even the imaginary... by J.J. Campbell 

 Insanity & Despair by Gordon Purkis 

 Binghamton by Michael N. Thompson 

 two poems by Jason L. Huskey 

 Questions of Paternity by Scott Owens 

 The Sands... by Wanda M. Clevenger 

 Hang Up... by Doug Draime 

 Twenty-Eights by Travis Blair 

 Simply, Yes by Ally Malinenko 

 Ten Years... by Kevin Ridgeway 

 last waltz by Ben Adams 

 They Probably... by Natalie Byers 

 Cipher by Larry Duncan 

 A conversation... by A. Colasuonno 

 He is Serious by Ron Androla 

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 two poems by David McLean 

 Eden by Jason R. Huff 

 April Steps Out by BZ Niditch 

 Infidelity by Daniel D. Mutch 

 two poems by Ryan Q. Flanagan 

 Trumpet Flower by Hillary Lyon 

 Memories of... by Ali Znaidi 

 pardon my french by Ross Vassilev 

 1967 by Mark James Andrews 

 a pick-up line by Casey Sellers 

 And a Happy Funeral... by John Grey 

 Praise the Heretics by Joseph Farley 

 unexpected visitor by Niall Rasputin 

 ode to a... by Dana Dickerson 

 White Noise by Fotis Tzanakis 

 Small Town Blues by Lee Lincecum 

 My Dog's Dreams by Holly Day 

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  to their respective authors.
  All other content © 2008-2013
  by Jack T. Marlowe 

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