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Better than Jesus

Saigon expat haven, Dan's Bread and Butter Bar,
Princess Lea comes to mind.
"Instant gratification takes too long,"
Ms. Fisher's timeless wisdom.
Finally, someone who understands.
Better than Jesus, my new drink, red wine fortified
with single malt Scotch, ideal for those occasions
an instant buzz helps to bandaid the day's
ordeals, nuisances, loneliness.
I recently learned my new drink is not original,
none other than the redoubtable her-royal-self
enjoyed a tumbler of red wine and Scotch,
the eponymic Queen Victoria's Tipple.
Disregarding minor tiffs over which name to use,
an indisputable fact remains: It's damn close to instant.
Makes me wonder how stressful it must have been
to rule an empire, and how was it done hungover?
I have no dominion over anyone or anything
other than one rather solitary existence, but
I do understand -- if there is to be
a hangover day lost, all-too-frequently
that is distraction enough.

© by Paul Hellweg
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #28 ~ October 2013     next poem