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a poem by J.J. Campbell (2 of 2)

random thoughts on the second day of august

jump in the fire

accept the pain

quit seeking redemption

remember to laugh at
poorly-dressed demons

don't take a quarterback
in the first round of your
fantasy football draft

play in traffic

be proud that you have
never used a cell phone

take longer naps

don't be afraid to call a
beautiful woman a cunt
when she is one

dust off your guitar and
make your fingers bleed

you're only worth what
someone is willing to
pay for you

happiness is laughing at
someone else's child in

build the ark for the
rainstorm that will
never come

and never pass up the
opportunity to express
your disappointment in

© by J.J. Campbell
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #28 ~ October 2013     previous poem     return to top