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Gutter Eloquence Magazine #28

This Issue's Contents:

Stumbling on... by Linda Lerner

Monochrome by Pd Lyons

fantasy by Kamden Hilliard

Ripped from the... by A.J. Huffman

wolf lake by Karl Koweski

At a distance by Oliver Stansfield

Litany by Andrew J. Stone

Missing Persons... by Meredith Weiers

Too Late by David Adès

two poems by Darren C. Demaree

Choices by Douglas Polk

Her Maiden Name... by Glen Armstrong

Spray Bottle Boogie by David S. Pointer

Titillate by Rachel Peevler

His Woman... by Steven Gulvezan

Purity by Anne Champion

Bowling with... by Willie Smith

'X' Marks the Spot by Nancy Flynn

Poetry Doesn't... by Michael D. Grover


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three poems by Ross Vassilev

Carpe Fuckin' Diem by Janne Karlsson

two poems by Tim McLafferty

Self-Taught by Anton Cancre

Working the Crisis Line by John Grey

Corner of... by April Salzano

The World According to... by Ben Rasnic

Immigration Status by Ken Poyner

The Witnesses... by Michael Ashley

Drunk in Public by Kevin Ridgeway

two poems by J.J. Campbell

writing while... by A.g. Synclair

two poems by Paul Hellweg

Mourning a Dying Child by M. J. Holt

A Mirror... by La Quinta Blackketter

god by Jon Bennett

the imaginary... by Jess Provencio

The jazz blues by John Yohe

 Copyright of all poems belongs 
  to their respective authors.
  All other content © 2008-2013
  by Jack T. Marlowe 

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