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Gutter Eloquence Magazine, Issue #3
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2 poems by Wayne Mason

Speeches by Yvon Cormier


Signs by Zachary Moll

Maybe one morning by Puma Perl

2 poems by Justin Reynolds

Double Shift Blues by Erek Smith

When the Wheels Fall Off
by George Anderson

by Luis C. Berriozabal

2 poems by Roberta Lawson

NOTHING by R.M. Engelhardt

Billing Life as Political
by Courtney Ray

2 poems by Matt Finney

IN WHOM I AM WELL by Willie Smith

Pendejo by Daniel S. Irwin

2 poems by Mat Gould

by Jason "Juice" Hardung

That Girl by Cassandra Dallett

2 poems by Jason Huskey

Fuck the Machine by Paul Hellweg

After High School by David S. Pointer

2 poems by George Wallace

Stealing me back from you
by Lindsey Rankin

How To Give Way by Joseph Veronneau


WHILE AT WORK by Joseph Goosey

Suicide Jenny Raises Bail
by Paul C. Stevens

2 poems by David S. Cross

Dead End Roads by Wayne Mason

2 more poems by Puma Perl

metal by D.C. Porder

A Former Bedroom Thang
by Dan Provost

entropy by Justin Reynolds


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