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a poem by David p Bates (1 of 2)

creature hearts

the other night i dreamt my wife grew to
monster size & stomped the city flat
then shrank back down & walked me through
holding my hand & i said maybe next time we
should let the people live & she said ok, baby
& the next day we went to the farmer's market
downtown & at the 3rd booth I freaked out & we
had to leave & i said i'm sorry & she said
it's ok baby itís only been 30 days it'll get better
i told her it took me 5 times yesterday to
realize i was trying to feed the soda machine
my serenity chip instead of a quarter
& maybe i'm actually crazy for real
she said don't be like that you're fine we're fine what-
ever it takes no matter what shut up & listen I love you
then last night i dreamt we both grew to monster size
& we walked together into the ocean holding hands &
the water only ever came up to our knees
& we kissed often &
we laughed easily
but we were
drinking margaritas
& eating sharks
& we probably weren't
coming back

© by David p Bates
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #30 ~ April 2014    next poem