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a poem by Lucinda L. Flanary


You were on your second wife
And your first child
When we met
You were not expecting a
Nineteen year old
Who wanted you more than air
I never expected the promise
Of matrimony
Or even a phone call the next morning
I just wanted the promise of a next something
Next day
Next week
Next month
Next year
The promise of a
Next look
Next touch
Next kiss
Next fuck
I never expected you to love me
But I could
And hope
And dream
I never told you that I loved you
The three words that
Tripped off of my tongue so readily
With all of the others
Even when
I didn't mean it
Or it didn't matter
But with you
Those words always caught
Somewhere between my heart
And my throat
I think you knew they were there
I think you hoped that there
Is where they would stay
You were on your third wife
When I opened the door
That I expected you to naturally
Just walk through
You weren't expecting a
Thirty six year old who
Wanted you more than air
I didn't expect to
Ever be thirty six

© by Lucinda L. Flanary
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