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Blood Lust

I open the bathroom door, find her
naked on cold tile, blood everywhere,
hand between her legs rubbing circles,
hips jerking in orgasms.

When I grab gashed wrists, she pushes
my fingers between her thighs, pulls me
into her desire for death sex. She tugs
pants to my ankles, clutches my hardness,
presses wet sex against me. Out of control,
I plunge into her violently. In seconds,
crying out, we get off together.

Lying in blood and semen, we kiss.
She bites my lips, wraps legs around me.
I carry her into the shower where water
and steam cleanses us. I pull a robe around
her shoulders, cover the slashes with gauze,
and help her into bed. I crawl in beside her.
She clings to me, sobbing, and whispers
against my ear how much she hates me.

© by Travis Blair
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #30 ~ April 2014    next poem