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Gutter Eloquence Magazine, Issue #4
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a mountain of zen accusations
by John Dorsey

by Burgess Needle

dollar by Karl Koweski

Bolshevik by M.P. Powers

so much for intervention
by Anne McMillen

A Soft Spot for People That Others Hate
by Neil Kelly

FUCK LOVE by John Rocco

throwing gutter balls by Wolfgang Carstens

2 poems by John Grochalski

Wanking the Hangman
by Scurvy Bastard

2 poems by Ross Vassilev

Headstone by George Anderson

2 poems by Becky Baxley Kring

Choices by Doug Draime

riopelle by Matt Finney

lettuce by Jack Ohms

2 poems by Erek Smith

Mother Teresa by C.L. Curtiss

2 more poems by Doug Draime

YOU HEAR by Mather Schneider

2 poems by Aleathia Drehmer

enlightenment before the eclipse
by Peter Magliocco

2 poems by Peycho Kanev

at this moment by David LaBounty

2 more poems by Matt Finney

Purgatory Walk by A. Vishwanathan

if they lied to us by David McLean

the Facebook Poets by Karl Koweski

2 poems by Mather Schneider

by Anthony Venutolo

hair gel by Owen Calvert

Unsound by Benjamin Chew

2 more poems by John Dorsey

Unhappy Lovers Envying Our
by Neil Kelly

Obsessive-Compulsive Fingernail
by Paul Hellweg

coiti by Kane X. Faucher


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