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a poem by Jane Chakravarthy


Close your eyes
baby, close

shallow breaths now,
stillness aware

I will hold
you, now

mine, I will
beat you

white, black, blue
my friend

you will become
true again

dark, strong fingers
take mine

bodies close become
one, now

I will beat,
love, you

throw you to
grey floor

castrate you, hold
you down

rape you on
warm shore

you'll cry and
I'll scream

you desecrate my
only dreams

as you did

crimson arrow trails,
tattle too

arms around me,
tracks upon

my throat, debased
smiling, content

now, I'm me
or you

are we one
like before?

strangle my soul
it's yours

© by Jane Chakravarthy
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #5 ~ September 2009     return to top