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Table of

Computer Love by Khadija Anderson

A RENOIR BURNING by Joseph Goosey

2 poems by Timothy Gager

Union by Jane Chakravarthy

3 poems by Mike Meraz

Promiscuous Poetry by David Blaine

2 poems by Zach King-Smith


WE ARE A SMOLDERING by Mather Schneider

2 poems by Lena Judith Drake

in the room with a rising god by David LaBounty

2 poems by Karl Koweski

the cross of a (woman) by Ray Brown

2 poems by xTx

sexuality and cognition by David McLean


3 poems by Lawrence Gladeview

Preach by Mathias Nelson

Dark Red Plastic by James Babbs

WEATHER by Kate Powell Shine

2 poems by John Grochalski

Dinner Out by Beth Browne


Misunderstood by Janann Dawkins

mourning now by Charlotte C. McEachin

3 poems by Scot Young

I RETURN ANOTHER DAY by Luis C. Berriozabal

2 poems by Melissa Wray

Back With the Bones by Dan Provost

Postmodern Suicide by Timothy Jacobs

Plena en Old San Juan by Andy Riverbed

The Math of Longing by Melodie Barker

2 poems by Justin Reynolds

THERE WAS A TIME by Barry Basden

2 poems by J. Michael Niotta

instructions for... by Sean Patrick Conlon

Amsterdam Remembered by Michael Brandonisio

 All poems © by their respective authors.  
   Other content © 2008, 2009 by Jack T. Marlowe