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Stand Up Say You Love Me

Stand up and say you love me. Do like in the movies and rise above everyone who
remains seated: a six-foot-two middle finger. They do not care, they are only extras.
You are the main character. You have pages of lines, your own trailer, a seven figure
salary. There are panting paparazzi and fourteen P.A.s who are in love with you. But
you love only me. Stand up and say you love me. I am where I always am. Where I've
been. Where I will be. My lines are not written, but will be found and I will read them
proudly, out loud as many times as you want. Autograph my wrists with your razors.

There is so much cold everywhere. Even now. Even in summer. The cold is blues and
grays. No place for love. But you can change that. Stand up and say you love me. When
I open the door, come inside. If I don't open the door, break it down. We can burn the
pieces in the fire. Stay. Say you love me in my mouth. Say you love me in my eyes. You
will not be wrong. The place for love can be here. Everything is correct. Everything is
straight A's. Be my scarf. My winter coat. I will count every thread.

Take off my blindfold and yell surprise. Tell me there is sunshine in my eyes. Stand up
and say you love me. Make the rest losers. Make them fall before the finish line.
Cripple them with your words. Collapse them. I am in the stands celebrating. I've torn
the shirt from my skin. I've torn the skin from my bones. I've thrown the bones to you:
a bouquet. Stand up and say you love me. Every bloom is my blood. You can hold them
in your hands. I climb over the railing and join you in your victory lap. Hear the crowd
cheering. They've never seen anything like this. Nobody has. You can make history
with this. Groundbreak.

Stand up.

Say you love me.

© by xTx
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #5 ~ September 2009    printer-friendly     next poem