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a poem by Daniel Romo

Love Lessons From Scarface

Setting it up

You gotta savor the woman's scent.
Close your eyes and inhale her aura
like she'sa mountain of Columbia's
purest snow, and your nose a winter
wonderland, Mang.

The meeting

Court her. Take her outonthe town,
wining and dining at fancy restaurants
with names that begin with Chez or La,
and end with words you can't fuckin'

Inspecting the goods

Hold her delicately, like she'sa freshly
smuggled M-16. Savor the smooth of
her skin and respect the power of her
semi-automatic smile firing fifteen
rounds of sensuality per second,
penetrating your bulletproof body.

The exchange

Make love to her mercifully. The
weathered world of pimps and
polyester, dirty cash and clean
Cadillacs is your boardroom, but in
the bedroom she is boss, kingpin of
the carnal, and you, her hostage.

Done deal

When she is ready, when she has
proven to be behind her man, willing
to play second-fiddle to your perfectly
tuned orchestra of anger and ambition,
and you know you can't reign over your
kingdom of chaos and cocaine without
her, make her your queen. Christen her
your Mrs., destined to a life of drugs,
death, and domesticity, Mang.

© by Daniel Romo
Gutter Eloquence Magazine ~ Issue #9 ~ May 2010    return to top